The total internship period for the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering is determined as 45 work days.

30 days of these 45 work days constitute the First Group (which should be carried out in a Foundry-Production / Manufacturing Facility), and the remaining 15 days constitute the Second Group of Management-Organization Internship.

The students should first inform the Internship Commission of the department about the details of the facility or factory that they are planning to perform their internship in. Once the students’ application is approved by the department, the required paperwork is completed. The students who complete their internship are required to fill out the internship notebook and submit it the Department Internship Commission within the first 3 weeks of the following semester.

The students should contact the Department Internship Commission for detailed information on the procedure for preparing the internship notebook and the required documents and paperwork related to the application process.